Pre-Pregnancy Exercise

pre-pregnancy exercise

Being fit and healthy before pregnancy combined with good prenatal care is the combination most likely to result in a healthy baby. Your body will adapt more quickly to pregnancy and you will cope better with pregnancy and labor if you are fit before conceiving. We have experience working with women trying to conceive naturally as well as women undergoing fertility treatments. Here are our pre-pregnancy exercise services:

Personalized Exercise Program

We first do a thorough consultation to find out all about you and then we put together an exercise program that tells you exactly what to do and when. The program is created just for you and can be done when trying to conceive and during the beginning of your pregnancy.

Private Training Sessions

One hour training sessions catered to your individual needs. For Los Angeles-areas women, the sessions are done in-person and for women living outside of Los Angeles, they are done via Skype.

Fitness Consultations

Our fitness consultation service is appropriate for women that just need a little bit of guidance about exercising when trying to conceive. During the consultation, we review your current exercise routine and make recommendations for how to change it when trying to conceive. We also discuss important information related to exercising before pregnancy and what to do when you get that positive pregnancy test.

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