Nutrition for Moms – Chat Recap & Giveaways


Our Nutrition for Moms Facebook chat was a huge success! We covered a lot of material on nutrition for moms during the hour-long chat, so we’re recapping the discussion in one easy to digest post. We also have several nutrition-related goodies to give away, so be sure to read through to the end of the post for information on how to enter.

nutrition for momsChat Expert Panel – Bridget Swinney, RD and author of Eating ExpectantlyMelissa Burton, RD and CDE, Carrie Chacon, Chief Nutrition Officer of SNAC and fitbook by fitlosophy (chat sponsor)

Q1: How can you maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy when you’re nauseous or dealing with strong unhealthy cravings? 

Summary of expert answers (to read the complete answers, visit our Facebook page):

  • Consider eating cold, blander foods like cottage cheese and fruit, boiled eggs, crackers with peanut butter, smoothies, etc.
  • The smell and taste of lemon has also been shown to help.
  • Ginger ale (and ginger in other forms) is also a tried and true therapy for nausea.
  • Regarding unhealthy cravings—I encourage moms to turn their unhealthy cravings into healthier ones. Craving salty? Eat baked tortilla chips with guacamole and antioxidant rich salsa. Craving crunchy? Nosh on toasted walnuts or almonds.

Q2: Is cutting calories safe while breastfeeding? Will it impact milk supply? Are there certain foods NOT to cut out?

Summary of expert answers (to read the complete answers, visit our Facebook page):

  • If you’re over the hump of the first two months of breastfeeding and maintaining a minimum calorie intake of 1500-1800 calories per day (below which can impact milk supply), it is okay to consider engaging in a weight loss effort.
  • An exclusively breastfeeding mother needs to take in 300-500 calories per day above what was needed to maintain pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Rapid weight loss (more than 1.5lbs/week), drastic calorie reduction (or excessive exercise without calorie repletion) can impact milk supply.
  • 4 important nutrients that shouldn’t be overlooked during breastfeeding include: calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B 12, fluoride.

Q3: Advice to make sure my child who is a very picky eater has a healthy, balanced diet? Is it okay to give in and only let him eat the few things he likes? 

Summary of expert answers (to read the complete answers, visit our Facebook page):

  • Most children move through this stage as healthy as ever, but getting past this stage can be nerve-racking. Here are a few tips to keep your picky eater healthy: add pureed vegetables whenever possible, choose healthy versions of your child’s favorite foods, keep serving sizes small and aim for a nutritionally balanced week, not day.
  • Continue to offer a wide variety of foods, stay positive and when he is ready to branch out he will. Talking about food and how it works in his body is a great way to encourage him to try new things.
  • Don’t classify foods as “good” or “bad” and don’t use food as a reward.
  • Give your child choices, then he feels more in control which is important during the toddler years when they are demanding more independence.

Q4: Does logging food/drink intake really help you lose weight or reach other health goals? 

Summary of expert answers (to read the complete answers, visit our Facebook page):

  • Research shows that you lose twice the amount of weight in the same amount of time JUST by writing down what you eat.
  • Even if you’re pregnant and not trying to lose weight, logging intake and looking at it from a week’s glance really helps to identify problem areas.
  • I always go back to writing things down when I feel myself slipping. It brings me back on track.
  • The benefit of tracking your food intake is it keeps you honest and it increases your awareness.
  • Focus on how you feel and don’t obsess over calories. Take in nutrient rich foods in smart portions.

Q5: Is soy bad to eat if you’re pregnant with a boy or breastfeeding a boy?

Summary of expert answers (to read the complete answers, visit our Facebook page):

  • There is lots of misinformation about soy. My take is that whole soy foods provide a healthy protein source that can be eaten along with a variety of other foods. I recommend soy just like I would fish or chicken or beef—in moderation. Soy does contain plant estrogens, which do have health benefits. But like anything else, there can be too much of a good thing!

Q6: Favorite healthy meal when you’re really short on time?

Summary of expert answers (to read the complete answers, visit our Facebook page):

  • Greek Yogurt with a high fiber cereal and eggs.
  • My blue corn nacho salad! top blue corn chips w/ground turkey, black beans + 1oz sharp cheddar. zap in the microwave for 1min, then top with a TON of shredded spinach, salsa, avocado + a dollop of non-fat plain greek yogurt!
  • The perfect meal for moms-to-be and breastfeeding mommies: entrée salad with ready-to-eat greens or spinach, leftover sliced beef, shrimp or rotisserie chicken, with walnuts, whole grain crackers or toast and a yogurt parfait for dessert.
  • Tacos.
  • has lots of great recipes.


Here are the nutrition for moms goodies that we have to give away:

nutrition for moms giveaway

To enter, leave a comment on this post answering these two questions: 

  1. What is your mom status (pregnant, will be pregnant soon or not pregnant and won’t be soon)? 
  2. What topic would you like the next Fit for Expecting Facebook chat to cover?

Special thanks to fitbook, Eating Expectantly and SNAC for their generosity!

Entries are considered incomplete if both questions aren’t answered. Limit one entry per person. Entries must be received by 11:59pm PT on August 1, 2013. Fit for Expecting will select potential winners from all eligible entries. Fit for Expecting ( will email notifications to the potential winners. If an email response is not received by 11:59pm PT on August 5, 2013, that individual is no longer eligible and Fit for Expecting will select another individual.


What it takes to get in shape after pregnancy


get in shape after pregnancyOh the age-old question: What does it take to get in shape after pregnancy? We’ve broken it down into six key things:


No one can force you to exercise, lose weight or get in shape. YOU have to genuinely want to and be committed to getting in shape in order for there to be any chance of success. Motherhood is not easy – your time is limited and your kids take up a lot of your attention and energy. If you’re committed to exercising, you’ll find time for it. If it’s not a priority, you’ll find an excuse.


Make exercise, and activity in general, a regular part of your life. Be consistent with exercise, even if all you can do one day is walk around the block. You’ll find that by exercising regularly, it will become something that you just do, rather than needing to remind or force yourself to do it. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to the point where you miss it if you don’t do it.


We’re not talking about being able to touch your toes. The flexibility we’re referring to is being flexible with your exercise routine. Some days you’ll be so busy and tired that you honestly cannot squeeze in any exercise. Other days you’ll be strapped for time but able to fit in short bursts of exercise throughout the day. And on other days you’ll be able to set aside time for a more extensive workout. Part of successfully getting in shape after pregnancy requires a realization that you won’t have as much time to dedicate to exercise as you did before kids, and a plan for what to do when you have no time, little time, and plenty of time.


You don’t need to LOVE exercise to get in shape but to stick with it and maintain a healthy body, you need to at least enjoy it. You need to find an activity or activities that you enjoy and that you feel successful at. Fortunately for us, we live in a time where there are so many exercise options: gyms, exercise classes, DVDs, online programs, mom & baby workouts, running, yoga, pilates, dancing, swimming, spinning…you name it, you got it. Try out a variety of activities until you find something that sticks. If you need help, book a consultation with us. We’ll do the heavy lifting and point you in the right direction.


Your body that is. Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy and childbirth. Respect that after pregnancy, your body is healing itself and needs some TLC. Slowly ease into exercise, by first doing recovery exercises to strengthen your body and rebuild the foundation. Our postpartum exercise program was designed to help moms safely and effectively ease back into exercise after pregnancy. It can be tempting to jump right into “regular” exercise to lose the baby weight quickly. But doing that puts you at high risk for injury, pain and even unmentionables like urinary incontinence.

Exercise + Healthy Eating

Exercise is only one piece of the puzzle. Nourishing your body with healthy foods is critical to helping you get in shape after pregnancy. There are so many different styles/ways of eating out there and the truth is that what’s healthy and works for one person might not for the next. We recommend seeking the advice of a qualified nutrition professional to find the right eating style/plan for you.

We want to hear from you – what would you add to the list of what it takes to get in shape after pregnancy? 

First Trimester Exercise – Tips & Overcoming the “Buts”


First Trimester Exercise – Part I of Fit for Expecting’s Exercise-by-Trimester Tips

first trimester exerciseRegardless of your past exercise history, pregnancy gives you a great opportunity to start fresh. Forget the months or years you skipped out on exercise and focus now on incorporating a regular exercise routine into your schedule to get the most benefit for both you and your baby. Taking care of yourself, which includes exercising and eating right, is more important now than ever because after all, what you do and don’t do impacts you AND your new resident.

First Trimester Exercise Tips

  • While exercise is incredibly beneficial and safe for the majority of pregnant women, there are some medical and obstetric conditions that contraindicate exercising during pregnancy. Check in with your healthcare provider to be sure you don’t have one of these conditions.
  • Get help – if you aren’t sure whether you can continue your pre-pregnancy exercise routine, if you don’t know what to do or if you’re new to exercise, talk with a perinatal exercise specialist to set up an exercise program and have your questions answered.
  • Be consistent – even if all you can manage is 10 minutes of exercise, it’s better than doing nothing at all.
  • There’s no doubt that pregnancy changes your body. With first trimester exercise, start tuning in to your body and pay attention to what feels good and what doesn’t. The goal with first trimester exercise and throughout the rest of your pregnancy is for exercise to feel good. No more torturing yourself with exercise (if you were into that before getting pregnant). If your body tells you to slow down, listen.

Common First Trimester Exercise “Buts”

But I’m so tired…

We know, fatigue can be overwhelming during the first trimester. But believe it or not, exercise can actually give you more energy and help you have a more restful sleep at night. Aim for doing something active every day, even if all you can do is 10 minutes.

But I have morning sickness…

This one might surprise you – exercise has actually been shown to relieve or reduce morning sickness symptoms for many pregnant women. Walking at a comfortable pace is a great form of light exercise.

Want to try some actual workouts? Check out our mom workouts page.

First trimester moms – are you having trouble exercising? Share below and we’ll try to help.

Breaking Point to Finally Get Healthy – Guest Post


Today’s guest post, “My Breaking Point to Finally Get Healthy” is part two of Emily’s story. As part of our commitment to motivate and inspire moms to prioritize their health, we’re sharing stories from real moms. If you missed Emily’s first guest post, click here to catch up

Breaking point to finally get healthy

written by Emily, wife and mother

They lie to you. All those baby books and parenting websites, they all lie. They all say that nursing your babies is the best way to get the weight off after a pregnancy. Even the celebrity moms seem to prove how easy it is. The supermodels with their bellies tightly toned just weeks after birth, they laugh in their interviews and say, “It was so easy! It was the breastfeeding, it’s so weird, I nurse this baby and the weight just falls right off!”

I have never been hungrier in my life than when I was nursing my babies. Nothing would satisfy and I thought about food constantly. The only thing that almost worked to fill the void in my stomach was oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, lots and lots of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I would make a large batch every couple of days, sometimes just eating the dough because I couldn’t wait for them to be cooked (plus everyone knows cookie dough just tastes better anyway, right?). Looking back and knowing what I know now about nutrition, I can see exactly what my body was begging for and what choices I could have made differently, but in the moment all I knew was that I needed to make more cookies. And I certainly wasn’t losing any of the baby weight!

One morning when my youngest baby was about a year old, I woke up and had a shower, just like usual. I came into my bedroom to get dressed, just like usual. I always stopped the same place to drop my towel, right in front of my closet, which unfortunately also was right in front of my full-length mirror, one of those cheap mirrors that comes with hooks that you can hang over your closet door. That morning I caught a glimpse of my body one year after baby, and that one view was enough. Before I realized what I was doing I had pulled the mirror off the door and held it tightly in both hands. I was going to break it, I realized. I wanted to break it so badly so I would never have to see that again! Instead I slowly and carefully set it down, and later I moved it to another room. I now had to go out of my way to use it, no more accidental views of what I didn’t want to see.

I don’t know about you, but I really don’t think it’s normal to find yourself that out of control, ready to destroy something just because you didn’t like what it showed you about yourself. This incident scared me, but it also made me realize that I needed to change, and I needed to change right now. No more waiting, no more excuses, I simply couldn’t continue feeling this way about myself. That was my breaking point to finally get healthy.

I also realized that if I was going to fix this, I needed a plan. I couldn’t just say, “Oh, I’ll do better!” and hope for changes, I needed a concrete plan full of action items, things I could cross off a list.

I had a few exercise DVDs that I had collected over the years and I decided to wake up before my kids each morning and do one of those DVDs five days a week. I also hid my favorite cookie recipe and decided to do a total food overhaul. I had no idea where to start, so I decided to start at the library. I checked out book after book after book on health and nutrition, soaking up everything I could learn about food and how it affects our bodies. The more I read the more I realized that I didn’t want to eat processed food any more. I found out so many things about what is done to our food in factories and laboratories, and I didn’t want those things going in to my body. I started to slowly eliminate processed food from our house, and it wasn’t long before my body began to change, too.

To be continued…

*Note from Fit for Expecting: This story is from Emily’s perspective and in her case breastfeeding on its own did not help her lose weight after pregnancy. Breastfeeding can help women lose weight, but it doesn’t always happen and if it does, it’s often because of a combination of factors. Several factors contribute to whether or not a nursing mom loses weight, including but not limited to: weight gained during pregnancy, genetics, lifestyle (diet and exercise) and certain medical conditions.

If you have questions about breastfeeding and exercise, read this.  

How to Exercise With Your Kids


A lot of moms can’t or won’t take time away from their kids to exercise, which usually means that they don’t exercise at all. We have a solution – exercise WITH your kids!

Read on for our tips on how to incorporate kids into your workouts…

Babies/Lighter Weight Toddlers

Babies are actually perfect to exercise with, because you can get a great workout and entertain them at the same time. In our experience, babies often smile or laugh the entire time while you’re working up a sweat. Here are some ideas of exercises you can do using your baby as your weight:

exercise with your kids - wall sit

Wall Sit

Wall Sit: Sit against a wall (we used a tree for this picture) holding baby. Try to sit down until your legs form a 90 degree angle (if that’s too difficult, come up a bit). Hold the position for 1 minute. If you’re new to exercise, you can build up to 1 minute by starting with 30 second holds and increasing when you feel stronger.

exercise with your kids - plank

Plank Tickle the Baby

Plank Tickle the Baby: Get into a plank position (wrists beneath shoulders with body in a straight line from head to toe) and place the baby on the floor in front of you. Hold the position and alternate reaching out with one hand and tickling or touching the baby. Repeat for 1 minute or do 10 touches with each hand.

Want more? Contact us to have a baby weight workout created just for you.

Kids 2-4 years old

Most kids at this age have a lot of energy, which might be wearing you down. You’re probably in need of some relaxation but doing yoga with kids running around is anything but relaxing. Try doing yoga WITH them by teaching them an animal yoga sequence. Yoga has quite a few animal inspired poses and kids this age get such a kick out of imitating animals. Click on the picture for poses to try.

exercise with your kids - down dog

Down Dog – photo from

Older Kids 5 and up

You might not need to exercise with kids this age, as they could be old enough to play on their own while you workout or simply not interested in exercising with you. But we all know about the obesity epidemic so take any opportunity you can to get your kids moving.

  1. Ask them to be your coach. This is a fun idea that was inspired by a session we had with a client and her six year old. Have your child (or children) time you in sprints up the driveway, time you as you run up and down stairs, or count the number of squats you do in a minute.
  2. Host family OlympicsPick a few activities and have everyone in the family compete (friendly competition of course – make sure everyone feels encouraged and successful). Some ideas of activities include: jump rope (try to jump the longest), driveway sprints (try to get to the end first), shoot the basket (try to get the most baskets in one minute) or hill cycle (try to bike to the top of a hill first).

We’d love to hear about your experiences. How do you exercise with your kids?


Indoor Cardio Workout for Moms


As a special treat for the July 4th holiday weekend we developed an indoor cardio workout that’s safe for pregnant and non-pregnant moms.

indoor cardio workout

It’s summer (at least at FFE’s HQ in California it is) and HOT outside. Exercising outdoors in the heat isn’t recommended for pregnant moms. These conditions aren’t ideal for non-pregnant moms either, especially if they have little ones. This workout was designed to give you a great cardio workout in the comforts of your air-conditioned house or apartment.

All you need is a chair/stool/couch and a way to time the intervals. Jennifer loves using the free Gymboss Interval Timer App on her iPhone. Watch the indoor cardio workout below. Enjoy!

Sports Bras for Pregnant and New Moms: Our Top Pick & Giveaway


Today’s post is one of our favs so far: sports bras for pregnant and new moms. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the value and importance of a properly fitted sports bra cannot be overstated. Bra expert Jené Luciani shares that, “Researchers say an un-supported breast moves up and down about 6 centimeters when we’re working out.  Not a good thing for the ‘gals.’ It’s always a good idea to support any and all breast tissue with a proper-fitting sports bra.”

During and after pregnancy is a tricky time because breasts can change frequently, in terms of size, sensitivity, soreness and engorgement. A common mistake many women make is to wear the same sports bra they wore before pregnancy, even if it doesn’t fit properly, provide enough support or feel comfortable.

The three key areas to focus on are proper fit, support and comfort. Luciani recommends that moms get a fitting (or multiple fittings as breasts change) and opt for a cup sized sports bra that offers a lot of support, depending on the exercise. For comfort, look for features like wide and padded straps, adjustable straps, or sports bras that have 3 rows of rungs for adjustability if you’re larger one day then the next. Instead of the basic compression sports bra that you have to pull over your head, opt for an encapsulation bra that clasps and goes on just like a regular bra.

For more in depth information on sports bras and bras in general, check out Luciani’s The Bra Book.

Since sports bras for pregnant and new moms seems to be such a hot topic, Fit for Expecting conducted a survey of real moms to find out which sports bra is the top pick for this time in a woman’s life. Thanks to everyone who participated.

By an overwhelming majority, the top pick is Champion! Honorable mention goes to Moving Comfort.

We’re pleased to announce that Champion has agreed to giveaway two sports bras. Two lucky moms will be able to choose a sports bra in one of these two styles:

sports bras for pregnant and new moms

“The Smoothie”

sports bras for pregnant and new moms

“The Show Off”











To enter you must:

1. Join Fit for Expecting’s email list (click here and enter your email address under “Subscribe by Email”)

2. Leave a comment below, “I’d wear my Champion sports bra for _______.” (e.g. running, yoga, hiking)

Good luck and special thanks to Champion for their generosity!

Be sure to check out Champion’s website, which includes lots of resources on fit and support as well as lifestyle tips.

*An entry is considered incomplete and therefore ineligible if both steps above have not been followed. Limit one entry per person. Entries must be received by 11:59pm PT on July 21, 2013. Fit for Expecting will select two potential winners from all eligible entries. Fit for Expecting ( will email notifications to the two potential winners. If an email response is not received by 11:59pm PT on July 28, 2013, that individual is no longer eligible and Fit for Expecting will select another individual.

Summer Facebook Workout Groups


It’s our goal to help as many moms as we can incorporate safe and effective exercise into their busy lives, so they can be better women, mothers, spouses, friends, daughters and employees. Our Facebook workout groups are the perfect opportunity for us to reach out to moms living all over the world and to offer our services at a price that is manageable for moms on any size budget. We have two new Facebook workout groups starting July 8 and we hope you’ll join us!

Facebook workout non-expecting

Group 1: The “No Time Core Focused” Workout Group for Non-Expecting Moms

Most moms have a hard time squeezing in exercise and even more moms have a hard time strengthening and toning their core. If you’re one of those moms, this workout group is perfect for you.

Session begins July 8 and runs for 4 weeks. The group is held on a private Facebook group page. Throughout the session, we will share multiple workouts each week and moms can do them at their convenience. The group page also gives moms the opportunity to share and connect with other moms who are focusing on fitting fitness into a very busy mom life. Only $15 to join the group.

To join, email

Facebook workout expecting

Group 2: Prenatal Workout Group for Expecting Moms

This group is for pregnant moms who want to physically prepare their bodies for the rapid changes that occur during pregnancy and childbirth. You’ll learn safe and effective strengthening and stretching exercises to do throughout your entire pregnancy.

Session begins July 8 and runs for 4 weeks. The group is held on a private Facebook group page. Throughout the session, we will share multiple workouts each week and expecting moms can do them at their convenience. The group page also gives expecting moms the opportunity to share and connect with other moms who are committed to having a healthy pregnancy. Only $15 to join the group.

To join, email

While we’re on the subject of Facebook, if you’re not following Fit for Expecting yet, what are you waiting for? We share tons of tips, information, workouts and resources related to exercise and health for moms. Come on over! 

A Yo-Yo Dieting Overweight Mom – Emily’s Story Part One


Fit for Expecting is proud to share stories from real moms on their struggles with exercise/health and motherhood. Taking care of your health is no easy feat, especially as a busy mom. We hope these stories provide you with inspiration so you can see that it is challenging but you CAN and NEED to take care of yourself. Today’s guest post is from Emily, who went from being a yo-yo dieting, overweight mom to a healthy, fit mom. Think of this as her “before” post. 

overweight momHello Fit for Expecting ladies! I am so excited to be here today to share with you my story as I went from being 65 pounds overweight to being in the best shape of my life.

No one decides to become fat. It’s not a conscious decision like buying a new car or dying your hair red. Instead, there is just one morning that you wake up and realize that somewhere along the way, little by little, you picked up 65 extra pounds of person (and all the attached emotional baggage) and are carrying it around with you every day.

And how did I pick up that extra weight without even noticing? Back in high school I was a “normal” weight. I was very active and between that and my teenage metabolism I was able to handle the fast food cheeseburger runs and giant greasy pizzas. When I turned 19 I moved 60 miles away for an exciting new job working for an airline. Working for an airline was so very fun, but I was suddenly sitting for 8+ hours a day instead of walking the whole day like I had in my old retail job. Before the move I had been attending an aerobics class taught by my best friend’s sister three times a week, and in my new home I didn’t have the connection to a class or any motivation to find one. I made a half-hearted attempt to go running once or twice, but didn’t keep up at all. I knew I was gaining a few pounds, but what are a few pounds here and there?

And then I met Marquis. We had a whirlwind romance and were married six months and one day after our first date. He bought me roses, was an amazing kisser and he cooked for me. Oh boy, did he ever cook for me! Marquis is a very talented cook, and neither one of us worried about eating healthy things, even mocking it at times. Why would we bother with healthy when there were so many delicious things to eat out there? But as our first year of marriage passed, I packed on more and more weight.

I went through the next decade overweight, slowly getting heavier and heavier until I was clinically obese. I tried to get the weight off; I was an avid exerciser, working out up to five times a week doing various things, but it never worked because I kept eating crappy food. I did try to change my diet from time to time; I lost 10 pounds on Weight Watchers twice, gaining it back each time. I then lost 30 pounds from reading the book French Women Don’t Get Fat (awesome book, everyone should read it!). We had gone through years of the heartbreak of infertility and all those horrible meds before giving up hope, but losing that 30 pounds was enough to “fix” me so I could get pregnant. Surprise!

Of course, with the pregnancy I gained the weight right back. A few years later I read the book again, lost 20 pounds, and was able to get pregnant again, gaining it all back and then some. I had become the yo-yo dieter.

As humans we like to stay in our comfort zones, even if that zone isn’t that comfortable. I obviously hadn’t reached that breaking point that was going to push me out of my old habits and into better healthier ones, but soon after my second baby I was to hit my breaking point.

To be continued…

Review – For Two Fitness Pregnancy Workout Clothes


This is part one of Fit for Expecting’s review of For Two Fitness pregnancy workout clothes. The reviewer is Fit for Expecting’s founder, Jennifer Johnson. Jennifer is currently in her second trimester.  

For Two Fitness

I wish the cameras had been rolling to document my reaction when the package from For Two Fitness arrived. Like a kid in a candy store.

Workout clothes are my candy. Well not exactly, but you get the point. I love them. My closet is mostly full of workout clothes, which makes sense considering my job and that I exercise daily. I’ve tried pretty much every brand on the market and I’ve found what works for me and what doesn’t. Quality is very important to me, which often comes at a higher price. I’m willing to pay the price for high quality clothes because exercise is an important part of my life and I know how much of a difference it makes in terms of my workout performance and on the longevity of the garment. I might pay more initially for a pair of workout pants but I know that I won’t have to replace them as often as I would a cheaper pair. To me, the cost balances out.

When I found out I was pregnant, I assumed I would keep wearing my “regular” workout clothes until the very end when my belly couldn’t be contained by anything but maternity tops. I’m now almost into my third trimester and up until a few weeks ago, I’ve made do with my regular workout clothes. But let me tell you, it has not been pleasant.

Starting at around 7 weeks, my regular workout clothes just didn’t feel right. The bottoms were uncomfortable around my waist (I’m sure we can all relate to the bloated feeling in the first trimester) and the tops didn’t fit right either. The clothes weren’t doing any favors for my changing body and as a result, I felt self conscious in them, which was a new feeling for me. As the bloat turned into an actual baby bump and my breasts got bigger by the day, my regular clothes really weren’t the right fit, but I made do.

After suffering for far too long, I started looking into maternity workout clothes and decided to give For Two Fitness clothes a shot. I’ll admit that the first thing that attracted me was the adorable sayings on the tops – Sweating for Two, Running for Two, Yoga for Two. Body by Baby – so cute. I decided on a “Sweating for Two” racerback tank top and a pair of capris (I’m tall and it’s getting warm here in Southern California, so capris made the most sense).

For Two Fitness clothes in actionThese two pieces of clothing have already gotten quite a bit of use, and I’ve only had them for a few weeks. So far, I’ve worn them for: walking, hiking, teaching prenatal and postpartum classes, home circuit workouts, cardio and strength workouts in the gym, yoga class, training clients and even errands around town.

And the verdict is…they’re great! The material is durable, soft and comfortable. The top fits perfectly over my ever-changing belly and breasts. The bottoms fit perfectly around my belly and they are super easy to move in. Overall, the outfit feels amazing and gives me the “healthy pregnant lady” look instead of the “she ate too many cheeseburgers” look.

I’ll be updating my review once I’m well into my third trimester with my thoughts on how the clothes hold up over time and how they handle my third trimester body. Be sure to follow the blog so you don’t miss those updates.

Until the end of my pregnancy when I can make a well-rounded assessment and review, I’ll give my initial review:

  • Quality product
  • Perfect for active pregnant moms, no matter their activity of choice
  • Definitely worth the investment

 Be sure to check out a more general post on what to wear when working out during pregnancy


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