Labor Prep Exercise – Mommy Moves


Labor Prep Exercise – Wall Sit

This month’s Mommy Moves exercise for pregnant mamas is a great way to mentally and physically prepare for labor. It will help you experiment with what works and doesn’t work for you to be able to mentally push yourself through labor contractions and it’s also a great exercise to build up strength and endurance in your lower body, which you’ll need during labor.

If you’re a new follower to our Mommy Moves series, be sure to check out last month’s exercise, which is a great prenatal hip opener. October’s featured exercise is also a good one because it will help baby get into an optimal position for birth. Our Mommy Moves series highlights a new prenatal and postpartum exercise each month. If you have any requests of issues or body parts that you’d like us to address in an upcoming  feature, please email us.

December Prenatal Mommy Move: Labor Prep Exercise – Wall Sit

Stand against a wall. Slowly lower yourself down as if you were sitting in a chair. Try to form a 90° angle with your legs but it’s okay if you can’t go that low. Hold this position for 30 seconds-1 minute. Once you build up your stamina, try to hold for 1 minute, rest for 1 minute and repeat 5 times. During this exercise, play around with techniques to push through the difficulty of holding the position. Experiment with your breathing, closing your eyes, focusing your eyes on an object across the room, listening to music, having your partner coach you through it. Knowing what works and doesn’t work for you before you go into labor will really help your labor experience.

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