Prenatal Hip Opener – Mommy Moves


Prenatal Hip Opener

This month’s Mommy Moves exercise for pregnant mamas is not only a great prenatal hip opener – it’s also fantastic for relieving lower body discomfort that many women experience during pregnancy. Hard to beat a multi-tasking move like this one!

If you’re a new follower to our Mommy Moves series, be sure to check out last month’s exercise, which will help baby get into an optimal position for birth. Our Mommy Moves series highlights a new prenatal and postpartum exercise each month. If you have any requests of issues or body parts that you’d like us to address in an upcoming  feature, please email us.

November Prenatal Mommy Move: Prenatal Hip Opener

Place your hands on a chair/stool in front of you and push your hips back. Feet wide and spine neutral (don’t round your back). Slowly shift your hips to one side. Pause then slowly shift to the other side. Repeat for 1 minute. (Feel free to play around with the width of your feet to see what feels good for you).

*If you live in the Los Angeles/Pasadena area and need guidance on a safe and effective prenatal exercise program, join our prenatal exercise class at The Family Room

prenatal hip opener

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