Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor – Mommy Moves


This month’s postpartum Mommy Moves exercise is a great squat preparation exercise to learn how to properly use your glutes instead of your quads. Strong glutes are essential to strengthen your pelvic floor after pregnancy. No matter how you delivered your baby, your pelvic floor needs some TLC after pregnancy.

Mommy Moves is a new monthly series that will highlight a great prenatal and postpartum exercise for you to try. If you have any requests of issues or body parts that you’d like us to address, please email us.

October Postpartum Mommy Move: Hip Hinge

Stand with feet hip width apart, toes pointed forward. Engage the core, slowly bend forward pushing the hips backward. Be careful not to round the lower back. Return to standing. Perform 1-3 sets of 12 reps.

strengthen your pelvic floor

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