Body After Baby – Lorna Jane Clothing Review


Lorna Jane Clothing Review 

lorna jane clothing reviewIn the postpartum period most women feel a bit awkward about their bodies. During pregnancy the body grows and stretches and then after delivery when things are shifting around and shrinking down on the inside the outside is left stretched out and squishy. It’s also an awkward time in terms of clothing. In most cases, pregnancy clothes don’t fit and pre-pregnancy clothes don’t fit either. Even if you’re back to your pre-pregnancy weight right after delivery, your pre-pregnancy clothes often don’t fit quite the same. It could be that your hips expanded or that you have the typical postpartum belly. One thing or another makes your clothes not fit as they did before. Like I said, awkward time.

It’s hard enough to get motivated to exercise after having a baby…and then you add on the body awkwardness and clothes that don’t fit. What to do? My suggestion – buy something new! As many of you know, I recently gave birth to a baby boy (that’s him in the photo on the left). When I started getting back into exercising the last thing I wanted to do was wear old workout clothes or the clothes I exercised in while I was pregnant. I needed a fresh start and fortunately that fresh start came just in time – a package of workout clothes sent to me by Lorna Jane. I was sent a sports bra, top and pants. I’ve worn the outfit several times for a variety of different workouts and activities. Here’s my take on the clothes…

lorna jane clothing reviewQuality

Great quality! The clothes are clearly well made. I only buy good quality workout clothes (since I’m in them so much and they help motivate me) and these Lorna Jane clothes are at the top of my list.


I’ll admit that I wasn’t looking forward to putting on fitted workout clothes just a few short weeks after giving birth (yes, even a personal trainer feels postpartum body awkwardness). But surprisingly they fit pretty well. The top is flattering and doesn’t cling to the spots I’d rather not highlight at the moment. The sports bra fits perfectly, which was also surprising since I’m nursing and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get such a good fit. The top of the waistband on the pants doesn’t fit exactly as I would like it to. It doesn’t have as much give as I think is needed for a changing postpartum body, but in all fairness they aren’t designed as postpartum pants. The rest of the waistband does provide a good amount of support for my postpartum belly.


I haven’t had the clothes long enough to really assess their durability but they have been through the baby test several times. That is, they’ve been spit up on quite a few times and stretched in all sorts of directions by my active baby and they’ve survived.


I love the color of the top and the sports bra. That deep blue/purple and yellow…who wouldn’t?!

Out of the three pieces the top is my favorite followed by the sports bra and then the pants. I will definitely buy Lorna Jane workout clothes in the future. If you haven’t tried the clothes yet, give them a shot. They just might give you the confidence boost you need to get back into exercise after having a baby.

Lorna Jane provided Fit for Expecting with three articles of clothing for the purposes of this review. Fit for Expecting was not required to write certain things about the clothes. The thoughts expressed in this review are our own.

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