Top 3 Home Workout Tools for Moms


Top 3 home workout tools for moms

home workout tools for momsFor many moms, exercising at home is their only workout option. A common misconception we hear quite often is that working out at home isn’t good enough and if you can’t get to the gym it’s not worth it to exercise at all. The good news is – you CAN get a GREAT workout at home! You can even incorporate your kids in your workout.

Home exercisers or aspiring home exercisers – this post is for you! We’ve compiled a list of our three favorite home workout tools for moms. These tools are effective and affordable. How perfect is that?!


Dumbbells are inexpensive, easy to use and can be incorporated into so many different exercises. One of the biggest mistakes we see moms make (and women in general for that matter) is using very light dumbbells, say three pounds for example. While the specifics vary depending on whether your goal is general muscular fitness, endurance, hypertrophy or strength, the overall recommendation is the same – your muscles need to work more than they do in everyday life in order to deliver results. Those bags of groceries you carry every week or the child you pick up multiple times each day…chances are they weigh more than three pounds. Choose a weight that fatigues your muscles in the last few reps of the set. So if you’re doing a set of 12 reps, you should start to feel fatigued by about the 8th or 9th rep. If you’re a beginner you might need to start with three pound dumbbells and that’s totally fine. Find what works for you. We recommend buying a few different sizes initially so you can use the lighter one when working your weaker muscles and the heavier one for your stronger muscles.

Stability Ball

Stability balls are one of our absolute favorite home workout tools for moms. Why? Because they can be used during all stages of motherhood and they are effective at each stage. Pregnant moms can use them throughout pregnancy, to prepare for childbirth and even during labor. New moms can use them to workout, while breastfeeding to help improve posture and reduce back pain, and to calm a fussy baby. After the “new mom” stage, moms can use them in workouts to strengthen and challenge their bodies. Sizing is important when buying a stability ball. Use the general sizing guidelines below as a start but be sure to test out the ball to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Your Height          Ball Size

5’0” to 5’5”             55cm

5’6” to 6’1”              65cm

Resistance Band

Resistance bands are another great home workout tool. Since they’re light and compact they’re also great to take when traveling so you can stick with your workouts. The two commonly used types are – resistance tubes with handles and flat bands. They typically come in different resistance levels, such as light, medium and heavy. Many are sold as a set so you get one of each resistance. Keep in mind the same rule of thumb as with dumbbells – choose a resistance that fatigues your muscles at the end of each set.

Have fun assembling your home gym and be sure to check out our mom workouts page. 

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