Simple & Effective Way of Preparing for Childbirth


Preparing for Childbirth Using a Stability Ball

preparing for childbirthThe stability ball is one of our favorite workout tools for moms. We recommend them to all of our clients, no matter the stage of motherhood they’re in (trying to conceive, expecting or new mom). Why? Because stability balls are inexpensive, versatile, effective and can be used throughout all stages of motherhood. Unlike a lot of pregnancy specific products (like pregnancy pillows, maternity clothes, etc), stability balls will still be useful to you after your bundle of joy arrives. Pretty wise investment we think.

The focus of today’s post is on how the stability ball is useful in preparing for childbirth.

Sitting on the ball improves your posture, which can help relieve common pregnancy discomforts and encourage your baby to move into the ideal head-down birthing position. Try using a stability ball in place of your office chair for a portion of the workday or sit on the ball instead of the couch while watching your favorite TV show.

Certain exercises, like the one shown in the video below, open up your hips and pelvis and help the baby descend into the pelvis to prepare for delivery. We recommend that expecting moms start doing exercises such as this one in the third trimester.

When purchasing a stability ball, size matters. You want to make sure and get a ball that’s sized appropriately for you. Below are some general sizing guidelines. Use these guidelines as a start but be sure to test out the ball to make sure it’s the right fit for you.

Your Height          Ball Size

5’0” to 5’5”                55cm

5’6” to 6’1”                65cm

Another ball-buying tip: purchase a “burst resistant” ball. We recommend this because in the event that the ball punctures, it won’t deflate rapidly. Much safer for you and your baby.

The right exercise program can be extremely effective in preparing for childbirth. Find out more.

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