What it takes to get in shape after pregnancy


get in shape after pregnancyOh the age-old question: What does it take to get in shape after pregnancy? We’ve broken it down into six key things:


No one can force you to exercise, lose weight or get in shape. YOU have to genuinely want to and be committed to getting in shape in order for there to be any chance of success. Motherhood is not easy – your time is limited and your kids take up a lot of your attention and energy. If you’re committed to exercising, you’ll find time for it. If it’s not a priority, you’ll find an excuse.


Make exercise, and activity in general, a regular part of your life. Be consistent with exercise, even if all you can do one day is walk around the block. You’ll find that by exercising regularly, it will become something that you just do, rather than needing to remind or force yourself to do it. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to the point where you miss it if you don’t do it.


We’re not talking about being able to touch your toes. The flexibility we’re referring to is being flexible with your exercise routine. Some days you’ll be so busy and tired that you honestly cannot squeeze in any exercise. Other days you’ll be strapped for time but able to fit in short bursts of exercise throughout the day. And on other days you’ll be able to set aside time for a more extensive workout. Part of successfully getting in shape after pregnancy requires a realization that you won’t have as much time to dedicate to exercise as you did before kids, and a plan for what to do when you have no time, little time, and plenty of time.


You don’t need to LOVE exercise to get in shape but to stick with it and maintain a healthy body, you need to at least enjoy it. You need to find an activity or activities that you enjoy and that you feel successful at. Fortunately for us, we live in a time where there are so many exercise options: gyms, exercise classes, DVDs, online programs, mom & baby workouts, running, yoga, pilates, dancing, swimming, spinning…you name it, you got it. Try out a variety of activities until you find something that sticks. If you need help, book a consultation with us. We’ll do the heavy lifting and point you in the right direction.


Your body that is. Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy and childbirth. Respect that after pregnancy, your body is healing itself and needs some TLC. Slowly ease into exercise, by first doing recovery exercises to strengthen your body and rebuild the foundation. Our postpartum exercise program was designed to help moms safely and effectively ease back into exercise after pregnancy. It can be tempting to jump right into “regular” exercise to lose the baby weight quickly. But doing that puts you at high risk for injury, pain and even unmentionables like urinary incontinence.

Exercise + Healthy Eating

Exercise is only one piece of the puzzle. Nourishing your body with healthy foods is critical to helping you get in shape after pregnancy. There are so many different styles/ways of eating out there and the truth is that what’s healthy and works for one person might not for the next. We recommend seeking the advice of a qualified nutrition professional to find the right eating style/plan for you.

We want to hear from you – what would you add to the list of what it takes to get in shape after pregnancy? 

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