How to Exercise With Your Kids


A lot of moms can’t or won’t take time away from their kids to exercise, which usually means that they don’t exercise at all. We have a solution – exercise WITH your kids!

Read on for our tips on how to incorporate kids into your workouts…

Babies/Lighter Weight Toddlers

Babies are actually perfect to exercise with, because you can get a great workout and entertain them at the same time. In our experience, babies often smile or laugh the entire time while you’re working up a sweat. Here are some ideas of exercises you can do using your baby as your weight:

exercise with your kids - wall sit

Wall Sit

Wall Sit: Sit against a wall (we used a tree for this picture) holding baby. Try to sit down until your legs form a 90 degree angle (if that’s too difficult, come up a bit). Hold the position for 1 minute. If you’re new to exercise, you can build up to 1 minute by starting with 30 second holds and increasing when you feel stronger.

exercise with your kids - plank

Plank Tickle the Baby

Plank Tickle the Baby: Get into a plank position (wrists beneath shoulders with body in a straight line from head to toe) and place the baby on the floor in front of you. Hold the position and alternate reaching out with one hand and tickling or touching the baby. Repeat for 1 minute or do 10 touches with each hand.

Want more? Contact us to have a baby weight workout created just for you.

Kids 2-4 years old

Most kids at this age have a lot of energy, which might be wearing you down. You’re probably in need of some relaxation but doing yoga with kids running around is anything but relaxing. Try doing yoga WITH them by teaching them an animal yoga sequence. Yoga has quite a few animal inspired poses and kids this age get such a kick out of imitating animals. Click on the picture for poses to try.

exercise with your kids - down dog

Down Dog – photo from

Older Kids 5 and up

You might not need to exercise with kids this age, as they could be old enough to play on their own while you workout or simply not interested in exercising with you. But we all know about the obesity epidemic so take any opportunity you can to get your kids moving.

  1. Ask them to be your coach. This is a fun idea that was inspired by a session we had with a client and her six year old. Have your child (or children) time you in sprints up the driveway, time you as you run up and down stairs, or count the number of squats you do in a minute.
  2. Host family OlympicsPick a few activities and have everyone in the family compete (friendly competition of course – make sure everyone feels encouraged and successful). Some ideas of activities include: jump rope (try to jump the longest), driveway sprints (try to get to the end first), shoot the basket (try to get the most baskets in one minute) or hill cycle (try to bike to the top of a hill first).

We’d love to hear about your experiences. How do you exercise with your kids?


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