A Yo-Yo Dieting Overweight Mom – Emily’s Story Part One


Fit for Expecting is proud to share stories from real moms on their struggles with exercise/health and motherhood. Taking care of your health is no easy feat, especially as a busy mom. We hope these stories provide you with inspiration so you can see that it is challenging but you CAN and NEED to take care of yourself. Today’s guest post is from Emily, who went from being a yo-yo dieting, overweight mom to a healthy, fit mom. Think of this as her “before” post. 

overweight momHello Fit for Expecting ladies! I am so excited to be here today to share with you my story as I went from being 65 pounds overweight to being in the best shape of my life.

No one decides to become fat. It’s not a conscious decision like buying a new car or dying your hair red. Instead, there is just one morning that you wake up and realize that somewhere along the way, little by little, you picked up 65 extra pounds of person (and all the attached emotional baggage) and are carrying it around with you every day.

And how did I pick up that extra weight without even noticing? Back in high school I was a “normal” weight. I was very active and between that and my teenage metabolism I was able to handle the fast food cheeseburger runs and giant greasy pizzas. When I turned 19 I moved 60 miles away for an exciting new job working for an airline. Working for an airline was so very fun, but I was suddenly sitting for 8+ hours a day instead of walking the whole day like I had in my old retail job. Before the move I had been attending an aerobics class taught by my best friend’s sister three times a week, and in my new home I didn’t have the connection to a class or any motivation to find one. I made a half-hearted attempt to go running once or twice, but didn’t keep up at all. I knew I was gaining a few pounds, but what are a few pounds here and there?

And then I met Marquis. We had a whirlwind romance and were married six months and one day after our first date. He bought me roses, was an amazing kisser and he cooked for me. Oh boy, did he ever cook for me! Marquis is a very talented cook, and neither one of us worried about eating healthy things, even mocking it at times. Why would we bother with healthy when there were so many delicious things to eat out there? But as our first year of marriage passed, I packed on more and more weight.

I went through the next decade overweight, slowly getting heavier and heavier until I was clinically obese. I tried to get the weight off; I was an avid exerciser, working out up to five times a week doing various things, but it never worked because I kept eating crappy food. I did try to change my diet from time to time; I lost 10 pounds on Weight Watchers twice, gaining it back each time. I then lost 30 pounds from reading the book French Women Don’t Get Fat (awesome book, everyone should read it!). We had gone through years of the heartbreak of infertility and all those horrible meds before giving up hope, but losing that 30 pounds was enough to “fix” me so I could get pregnant. Surprise!

Of course, with the pregnancy I gained the weight right back. A few years later I read the book again, lost 20 pounds, and was able to get pregnant again, gaining it all back and then some. I had become the yo-yo dieter.

As humans we like to stay in our comfort zones, even if that zone isn’t that comfortable. I obviously hadn’t reached that breaking point that was going to push me out of my old habits and into better healthier ones, but soon after my second baby I was to hit my breaking point.

To be continued…

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