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This is part one of Fit for Expecting’s review of For Two Fitness pregnancy workout clothes. The reviewer is Fit for Expecting’s founder, Jennifer Johnson. Jennifer is currently in her second trimester.  

For Two Fitness

I wish the cameras had been rolling to document my reaction when the package from For Two Fitness arrived. Like a kid in a candy store.

Workout clothes are my candy. Well not exactly, but you get the point. I love them. My closet is mostly full of workout clothes, which makes sense considering my job and that I exercise daily. I’ve tried pretty much every brand on the market and I’ve found what works for me and what doesn’t. Quality is very important to me, which often comes at a higher price. I’m willing to pay the price for high quality clothes because exercise is an important part of my life and I know how much of a difference it makes in terms of my workout performance and on the longevity of the garment. I might pay more initially for a pair of workout pants but I know that I won’t have to replace them as often as I would a cheaper pair. To me, the cost balances out.

When I found out I was pregnant, I assumed I would keep wearing my “regular” workout clothes until the very end when my belly couldn’t be contained by anything but maternity tops. I’m now almost into my third trimester and up until a few weeks ago, I’ve made do with my regular workout clothes. But let me tell you, it has not been pleasant.

Starting at around 7 weeks, my regular workout clothes just didn’t feel right. The bottoms were uncomfortable around my waist (I’m sure we can all relate to the bloated feeling in the first trimester) and the tops didn’t fit right either. The clothes weren’t doing any favors for my changing body and as a result, I felt self conscious in them, which was a new feeling for me. As the bloat turned into an actual baby bump and my breasts got bigger by the day, my regular clothes really weren’t the right fit, but I made do.

After suffering for far too long, I started looking into maternity workout clothes and decided to give For Two Fitness clothes a shot. I’ll admit that the first thing that attracted me was the adorable sayings on the tops – Sweating for Two, Running for Two, Yoga for Two. Body by Baby – so cute. I decided on a “Sweating for Two” racerback tank top and a pair of capris (I’m tall and it’s getting warm here in Southern California, so capris made the most sense).

For Two Fitness clothes in actionThese two pieces of clothing have already gotten quite a bit of use, and I’ve only had them for a few weeks. So far, I’ve worn them for: walking, hiking, teaching prenatal and postpartum classes, home circuit workouts, cardio and strength workouts in the gym, yoga class, training clients and even errands around town.

And the verdict is…they’re great! The material is durable, soft and comfortable. The top fits perfectly over my ever-changing belly and breasts. The bottoms fit perfectly around my belly and they are super easy to move in. Overall, the outfit feels amazing and gives me the “healthy pregnant lady” look instead of the “she ate too many cheeseburgers” look.

I’ll be updating my review once I’m well into my third trimester with my thoughts on how the clothes hold up over time and how they handle my third trimester body. Be sure to follow the blog so you don’t miss those updates.

Until the end of my pregnancy when I can make a well-rounded assessment and review, I’ll give my initial review:

  • Quality product
  • Perfect for active pregnant moms, no matter their activity of choice
  • Definitely worth the investment

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