What to Wear When Working Out During Pregnancy


What you wear when working out during pregnancy isn’t about looking good. Choosing the right exercise ensemble will give you support, comfort, properly regulate your body temperature and reduce your risk of injury. What you wear while working out IS important for both you and your baby.

what the wear when working out during pregnancy

Let’s break down the essentials:

Sports Bra

The value and importance of a properly fitted sports bra cannot be overstated. During pregnancy, most women experience an increase in the size of their breasts. Breasts are often sensitive and tender. A properly fitted bra should be supportive, without causing any pain or impediment to your breathing. Don’t just keep wearing your pre-pregnancy sports bra because you’re ashamed to go into the store and get a larger size. Try on several different brands until you find one that works for you. Don’t settle for the first one you try on or the cheapest you can find. Our fit moms are currently in the process of evaluating sports bras for pregnancy. The verdict’s still out on the final winner, but as of now signs are pointing to Champion as the brand most preferred. To cast your vote, visit our Facebook page


I’m keeping this general because the most important point to emphasize here is that you want to make sure your top selection allows you to stay at a comfortable temperature – not too hot and not too cold. Layers are great because you can remove and add as needed. Some moms are able to continue wearing their pre-pregnancy tops, and are okay with the obvious stretching that occurs as the belly gets bigger. Others choose to buy a larger size of a pre-pregnancy style or opt for a specific prenatal top.


Chances are your choice in bottoms will vary as you progress throughout your pregnancy. In the beginning, you’ll probably be comfortable wearing pre-pregnancy bottoms. As your belly expands, you might prefer a bottom with a roll-over waist band, under the belly band, or over the belly band. Choose what feels most comfortable for you, gives you support and doesn’t compress or cause pain in your belly area.


Workout shoes during pregnancy are another very important piece of the ensemble. Properly fitted shoes that are appropriate for the specific type of exercise will give you support and reduce your risk of injury. The scenario I see far too often is women wearing the same workout shoes throughout their entire pregnancy that they wore before getting pregnant and then even worse, continuing to wear them after pregnancy. During pregnancy you gain weight, your center of gravity shifts, your joints loosen and in some cases your feet might even get larger. These factors increase the importance of getting fitted with a new pair of shoes that you can use during pregnancy (or multiple pairs depending on how active you are). It might be tempting to get cheap shoes from DSW or buy some online, but I’d encourage you to find a store that does personalized shoe fittings. I’m a big fan of Fleet Feet Sports because they do a great job fitting for shoes and they care more about what’s best for you rather than pushing the most expensive pair (this has been my experience with the Fleet Feet in my area and obviously I can’t guarantee this same experience elsewhere).

Now’s your chance to weigh-in: What are you wearing when working out during your pregnancy? What brands do you love? What brands didn’t work for you? 

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