Getting Back Into Exercise After Pregnancy: Laura’s Journey


Getting back into exercise after pregnancy is no easy feat. Laura is a real mom who is sharing her experiences with exercise and new motherhood. If you missed her first post, click here to catch up on her story.

Real Mom Getting Back Into Exercise After PregnancyI finally stopped making excuses and remembered I had a small gym in my building at work. I have been able to go in there about 3 times a week for a quick 30 minute workout, post pumping, and pre-lunch-at-my-desk. The workout consists of a 10 -15 minutes of elliptical warm up and then Jenn’s 10 minute circuit. I hate to reveal that I’m a big sweater, but after these little workouts I’m really sweating!

In the evenings, I really have the best intentions to do the baby-and-me circuit but pulling on sneakers again and sweating again doesn’t seems appealing, and I spend most of my time feeding my daughter and catching up with my husband. I will try and put a little more effort into it this coming week. Promise.

Last Saturday I did go on a long walk/jog with my daughter in the jogging stroller, and the pup on a leash (we all survived) and even that little run really felt great! I also felt really empowered because I was able to wrangle all those elements at once and not injure anyone.

That same Saturday night, my husband (who is working on a couch to 5k) and I were invited to a run club event downtown Raleigh on Wednesday night. It was at Trophy Brewery if there are any Raleigh-ites readings. My husband couldn’t make it, but with a pit in my stomach I went with jogging stroller and baby in-tow. We made it the 3-mile route, it was definitely a challenge, and there were some parts where I walked. But we made it.

I should be forth-right and tell you I have been on Weight Watchers for the last few months, mostly just to keep a record of the foods I’ve eaten and to remind myself I can’t mindlessly eat. As a breast feeding mom you get a TON of points, so there is still a lot of wiggle room while you’re getting back to “normal” eating (at least for me). I do a pretty horrible job of tracking my points on the weekends, but most weekdays I can keep a tab on them.

All in all it’s been a good week. I will say after a few days of doing the circuits, I was sitting next to the tub washing my daughter and my tush was a little sore. I thought “ohh, that is a nice feeling! I haven’t felt soreness in my muscles in a while, this might be working!”

Expert Feedback/Recommendations from Fit for Expecting:

  • Great job incorporating exercise into your busy mommy life!
  • Exercising in the gym at work is a great way to get exercise out of the way so you don’t need to worry about it after you get home. I recommend that you stick with exercising at work, make the best of your workouts there and then you can relax and enjoy your family in the evening. I put together a 26 minute elliptical workout that you can do a few days each week. Try doing this workout 3 days and then the circuit the other 2 days.

FFE Elliptical Workout


  • Great job doing the weekend walk/jogs! To make your sessions more effective, you could try including intervals. So, for example, jog for 5 minutes and walk for 2 minutes. Keep alternating for the duration of your session. Once you get more comfortable running, you can add sprint intervals to the mix. You can set up intervals however you’d like – some people who run in a city/suburb environment will run for a certain number of blocks and then walk for a few.

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