Ask the Expert: Urine Leakage After Pregnancy

Question: Is urine leakage a normal thing that happens after pregnancy, that I’ll just have to live with?

To answer this question, we turned to Stephanie Prendergast, MPT, from the Pelvic Health and Rehabilitation Center. Stephanie is a physical therapist specializing in pelvic pain and dysfunction.

Urine leakage during and after pregnancy is not uncommon, however, it is NOT normal. Unfortunately many women are dismissed if they mention this because they are either ‘pregnant’ or ‘just had a baby’. Leaking urine is not normal and it can be corrected with proper intervention.

Performing kegels is one possible intervention that will work for some women. If kegels are performed incorrectly, however, they won’t correct the problem, and may even promote incontinence.┬áTo be on the safe side and take immediate action to correct the problem, see a physical therapist for an evaluation.

For more from Stephanie on this subject, check out her recent interview on PT TV about Pelvic Floor Rehab for New Moms.

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