Product Review: fitbook mama2b


I don’t often recommend products. Why? There aren’t a lot of quality prenatal fitness products on the market that are made well, convey accurate information, are appropriate and safe for use during pregnancy and that can be used by a wide variety of women (regardless of their activity of choice or fitness level).

I stumbled across fitbook’s website while browsing online one night. Everything that I read online about the fitbook mama2b seemed great. But, based on my experience with other products, I prepared myself for disappointment while waiting for my fitbook mama2b to arrive.

I was not disappointed. I was blown away.

Before even opening up the book, I loved the packaging and design. The design is clean and simple. The materials are great quality and seem like they will hold up well over time. The book is compact, making it very easy to put in a purse and carry around. Plus, they give you a fitbook pen – no more searching around for something to write down what you ate for breakfast.

The book has everything you need to plan and log your workouts and food/drink intake for your entire pregnancy. I love the layout – planning sheets for each trimester followed by weekly planning and logging sheets. They even include some filled out sample pages in case you need clarification.

What I love most about the fitbook mama2b is that it can be used by ALL pregnant moms – whether you’ve never exercised before or are an avid exerciser…whether you enjoy running or yoga…whether you’re a meat-eater or a vegan…whether you live in a big city or on a farm…whether you prefer taking exercise classes at the gym or swimming laps on your own.

The fitbook mama2b is a great planning and logging tool, but it won’t create your program for you. That’s where Fit for Expecting comes in. We create your personalized program and fitbook mama2b gives you the tools you need to record your workouts and log your food intake. Now THAT’s setting you up for success – healthy pregnancy here we come!

Here’s your first action plan…

1. Buy your fitbook mama2b

2. Call me at 626.399.1025 to schedule your consultation (in person, over the phone or via Skype)

3. Have your book with you during the consultation to record your personalized plan

4. Follow your personalized plan and log your workouts and food/drink intake

5. Come back and see me each trimester and we will tweak your plan so that you and your baby are getting the most benefit


  1. Fancy Nancy
    Fancy Nancy09-12-2012

    Oh man! I wish I had discovered this 36 weeks ago!!! Do they have one for after baby or is it just their regular Fitbook? I’ll have to check it out!!

    • admin

      I thought the same thing…that they should have a fitbook for after baby!! For now, you’d just use the regular fitbook.

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