Tips to stay healthy on the road


I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Every single weekend. The trips have all been great and will keep getting better (Kauai vacation at the end of the month), but as many of you know, traveling can make sticking to healthy routines difficult.

Here are five tips for how to have fun and STILL BE HEALTHY while traveling:

  1. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate. With water, that is.
  2. Pack healthy snacks. For our recent road trips, I’ve packed fruit, vegetables, sandwiches, and nuts. That way, we nourish our bodies with nutritious food instead of stopping for unhealthy fast food. Bonus: you get to your destination faster.
  3. Eat breakfast. Every day. Even while traveling. No exceptions.
  4. Incorporate exercise – be creative. Take a morning walk/jog/run before you start your activities for the day. Go for a swim in the hotel pool. Bring a Bodyworks Band with you and exercise in your room. Walk along the beach…play in the sand…bodysurf. Take the stairs. Rent a bike and explore the area.
  5. Figure out what food will truly satisfy you and enjoy that in moderation. For me, that’s some kind of rich, chocolate dessert.

Add your tips to the list…

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  1. kelley @ Miss Information
    kelley @ Miss Information08-09-2012

    Get out of your car and stretch occasionally!
    Thanks so much for linking up to the blog hop I hope you will be back tomorrow for I freakin did it Friday

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