My Personal Picks: What to Wear While Working Out


I even wear workout clothes out to lunch…

My last post on the subject was more general and since then I’ve been asked for specifics about what I wear when I’m working out.

Since I work in the fitness industry, I wear workout clothes pretty much every day (okay, okay, every single day). Workout clothes are like a second skin for me. I LOVE THEM! I feel most comfortable when I’m in workout clothes, probably because I feel my best when I’m active and workout clothes allow me to move freely. I’ve tried a lot of different styles, brands, etc in my day, so I’m happy to share with you the ones that have risen to the top.

Here are my favorites:

Champion Sports Bras – I’m a C-cup and I do not like any bouncing while I workout. Champion’s high intensity sports bras do a great job of keeping the girls in place.

Nike Tight Fit Capris – I wear capris for two reasons: 1. I’m tall (5’10”) and most workout pants are too short for me. 2. I get way too hot wearing pants during a workout. I like the Nike tight fit capris because they are fitted, but not compressive to the point that I feel like a sausage being squeezed into a casing. Also, they are flattering on the rear end (at least I think they are…maybe I should ask some people the next time I’m out for a run).

Asics Running Shoes – I’ve tried several different types of Asics shoes and I’ve never been disappointed. Even though they are for “running” I wear them for all sorts of different types of activities and they never disappoint. When I’ve tried the other major brands I seem to always have some kind of pain or discomfort at the end of the workout.

Tops – I’m a little more open with workout tops. Since I’m tall, I need my tops to be long enough to actually cover my torso. I have quite a few tops and I actually had to go to my closet and look at all of them. Turns out, my favorite brands are Under Armor and Nike.

What are your personal picks?

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